Meet our Owner.....

Born in Alabama, and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  LaQuita graduated from Northern High School, and attended Detroit Institute of Business where she received a Certificate of Business Administration.  LaQuita worked as a legal assistant with prominent law firms for 15 years servicing default mortgage loans.  After many years of processing thousands of foreclosure, bankruptcy, and eviction loans she realized it was time to make a career change. In 2018 she attended Truck Driver School where she received her road construction experience.

Having the ability, and experience of driving was not enough for LaQuita! She began attending seminars, and conventions to move her career, and businessto the next level of professionalism out of a personal need to become a better, adn more consummate businesswoman.  As a female trucker she always knew to come in with confidence, a psitive attitude,a dn willingness to learn, and know that she can do the job

LaQuita believes, "No matter who is performing the work, doing your job well is proof enough."

LaQuita Fairgood

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